Written By : Vong Serey Vatanak

Date: October, 10, 2018


When I started writing articles to update my, I received some comments that hey, you should start doing it a blog and keep writing more articles. I was like, wait, I thought have a website already. I registered with a free- Web hosting company , and integrated that into Joomla which is called a content management system [ CMS] 


Since I am a noob to all of this, I began to read more about what is a blog and what is a website. Thanks to the degree of Information Technology that I did back in 2005, I learned that a website is a collection of web pages. Did you get that?  a web page together, piles on each others will be called a website. So, let me begin with a website. 

In general , a website has a domain name : For example, you have , it is a domain name. It is like a phone number , you need to buy it from somehow , where can you buy it , I may have to skip it for later. A domain name can sometimes be taken by others. It is just like a phone number. You may like 092953672. Then you come to Mobitel company in Phnom Penh and ask, hey, I need this number to identify myself when people call. They may say , sir, this number is taken. So, it is the same with domain name. Opppss, am I off track already, trying to explain you guys about the difference between a blog or a website, or a domain name? LOL, Oh, I remember now, I did talk about one feature of a website, a domain name. There are two types of website, static and dynamic. Most static websites are not updated regularly. Static Websites are created with different pages and stay there like dead. The other type is Dynamic type. Here it is more lively because it can be logged in regularly by assigned users to update contents. A content here is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. There are several other things to know about website like homepage, categories page, header images, side bar module, ...etc. 

What is a blog? 

As I described some characteristics of a website, a blog is actually part of a website. A blog has an entry or blog posts which is a content written by author of the blog regularly. Two Blogging Website ( websites which allows users to create blogs on their websites) were in 1999, and later So, can I say that a blog is part of a website now. 


Should I start with a blog or a website? 

This is a good question to ask. If you are non-technical user, you probably have to go with a blog. It is much easier , and you don't have to scratch your head figuring some PHP codes, JavaScript, CSS, or what ever . You just use the templates that a blog website provides. 

For me, I have done lots of work trying to figure out some page code, I understand some about PHP, Content Management System, little bit about JavaScript and so on. I actually can hack some page code , lol, not much. So, I can call myself a technical user. So, I guess I have built a website called Do you know why it comes with , it is because I use it for free , just like you subscribe with a blog website. I host/store all my pages on a web hosting company called "CloudAccess.Net" . Soon or later once I find that my website begins to be popular , then I may consider commercializing it. 

Well, I guess I have written a lot , and I hope that I did not confuse anyone between a blog or a website. Send me a question on the right side bar module called "Question", send what you need to know , and I will do my best to answer, 


From your friend, Vatanak Serey Vong.