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Cheung Prey (Forest leg) village is in Kompong Cham province, about 40 miles northeast of Phnom Penh city. Cashew Nuts used to be the main cash crops grown locally. However, for the last few years, the crops has not been able to produce much benefits to the local farmers. Thus, they had to chop them all down and sell the woods out. Most of the lands are left unused.

            It seems like there is not much development in the village. Not much different from other villages, a lot of young people migrate into the city to look for jobs and education leaving their old parents in the villages. Some middle people still do the rice farming depending on their traditional farming practice.

            Increasing number of children is seen growing up losing hope on education, and they resort to either migrating into other towns or becoming farmers like their parents. Many farmers don’t have much hope on their farming yields for the rain drop is very irregular now.

            Cambodian villages has a lot in common in terms of seeking traditional spirit practices. They worships idols, altars, stones. …etc. We have seen bondages, curses putting the villagers in captive. We have seen their hunger for food, their spiritual hunger in salvation.


My 80 years old grandmother has inherited her ownership of 5 hectares of land (about 12 acre) to my parents, aunties, and uncles. They have no desire to sell this land but wanted to keep it as long as we can and agree that I can bring over agriculture development on the land.

We have good contacts of farming teams who might be able to help us set up something out there once we have water source. We have checked a few well-digging enterprise. They said there are possibilities that we can dig a 60-70 meters deep (196-230 feet deep).

We have good relationship with the village chief who might be able to help us mobilize communities when we want to bring over community development teams in.

Our vision for this project

  • Developing this property into cash crops farming land using Farming God’s ways. With possibilities that we can also raise poultry, or cattle on it.
  • Training Center for local farmers, demonstration field for students and the communities, teach children to pursue their dreams, careers in their lives and change their mindset about migrating to foreign lands to get education and jobs.
  • Farms faith, love, and Hope where we can feed the hungry we raise or grow on the land, show them the love of Christ, and lead them to their salvation.
  • Building up reputation of organic products so we can establish Farming God’s way certified logo to ensure the safety and hygiene to local customers, and Christian restaurant owners in town.

Project Phases 

In 2017, as we wrote the proposal, we asked our team to keep praying for the provision so that we can start the project. We broke the phases of the development so that it made it easy for us to evaluate. 

Phase 1 - Completed 

  1. We have dug a well, using water pump
  2. 5000 liter tank to store water to supply for the crop
  3. Prepared the land for growing, as so far we have grown some King grass, and tried other crops like corns. 
  4. We have a small house for a care-giver and a few students to stay. We have a restroom on the property. 
  5. We have bought an electricity generator because the distance of the farm cost us more to run public electricity into it. 

In 2018, we started to complete the phase 1, we really Thanks God for all the provision to complete phase 1. I have trained some farmers, we have brought a lot of agri-students to come over to the property to learn , and also to encourage them to have passion to love rural communities. We have done a lot so far to contribute to the community development. These villagers are not Christians yet, they have heard about the gospel , but they have negative stereotypes about Christianities. As we started by doing good , help , and care for them by bringing a medical team in last month, over 100 villagers were seen by Christian doctors, they began to see the love, the care. This is what we wanted to show them. The Gospel of Jesus began to move , and some accepted the Lord, and received their healing as well. 


We don't want to stop here, as you can see in the second item in the vision, we wanted to have a center where it can serve in multi-purpose. We want to use it for Pastors retreat, for training, for kids to pursue  their dreams, where we can bring our foreign teams like medical team, and where we store our supplies. 

I have been asked often by villagers about when we have English and computer teaching for the kids and youth in the village. I have been praying about this. 



So, in Phase II

  1. Multi-Purpose Community Center : 100,000 USD ( Although this is only an estimate, we are believing by faith that our God will supply everything we need to build the Kingdom of God here in Cambodia. It may end up costing less) 
  2. Transferring and Establishing Land's hard tittle : 5000 USD
  3. Another Well dug on the property to expand the project for water : 2300 USD 
  4. Surrounding with barb-wire and cement posts : 1000 USD , so far , we have placed some barbed wire around the property, it is 4 hectare, we can't build brick-wall because it can cost us an arm and a leg. We just looked at simple ways of guarding our cows and chicken and our crops. 



If God has put a burden on your heart to help solve poverty...and also bring hope to the hopeless...we believe that knowledge is the best long term solution. In Hosea 4:6 it says "My people perish because of a lack of knowledge." The ultimate goal of Living Water Farm and Farming God's Way Cambodia is to give away knowledge of effective farming techniques...and above all knowledge of their Creator and the God that makes things grow. Thank you for praying for us and for considering investing in this amazing opportunity we have to demonstrate God's love for the people of Cambodia