• Why we both believe in Jesus?
    បងប្អូនមិត្តភក្តិមួយចំនួនគាត់ធ្លាប់បានសួរ មួយចំនួនប្រហែលជានឹកឆ្ងលតែមិនហ៊ានសួរថាតើមូលហេតុអ្វីបានជាយើងខ្ញុំទាំងពីរអ្នកសម្រេចចិត្តជឿលើព្រះយ៉េស៊ូ ឆ្លើយតបនឹងចំងល់ទាំងនោះ ខ្ញុំមានអភ័យឯកសិទ្ធក្នុងការចែករំលែកដំនឹងល្អទៅកាន់បងប្អុនទាំងអស់ ។Read more
  • Fear and Failure did not stop her from moving forward
    No matter how my study is not good but I still keep studying because one thing that I only know, education can help me from poverty.Read more
  • How my grandfather was killed
    It was around 1977 . My grandfather was working hard on the farm when he decided to go to catch fish to supplement to the provided daily food, after his whole day of hard work . This is one of the main reasons that people died.Read more
  • From a junk scavenger to an influential teacher
    Siev Khea, 27, is a great English teacher at New Life Foundation. He is now a graduate with an English literature degree. For over years, he striggle to survive in the unknown before he is who he is right now. Siev Khea has a story to hare with us. Read more

How my grandfather died during Khmer Rouge (1977)

Since I was born , I have not seen my grandfather's face

Horrible stories were told about how cruel the Khmer Rouge regime was , but not many survivors from the regime wanted to recall because it causes tear to drop and pain to reoccur. 

សូមស្វាគមន៍មកកាន់ Khmer - BOTANAKA

Becoming a leader is a process.  In fact, there are five levels of leadership that we have to pass through to become what I call a Senior Leader.  However, we must begin somewhere!

អានបន្ថែម៖  ការឡើងជណ្តើរនៃភាពជាអ្នកដឹកនាំ

Leadership is influence—nothing more, nothing less. When you become a student of leaders, as I am, you recognize people's level of influence in everyday situations all around you.

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 What is the difference between a clean place, and a cleaned place. To help each understand this in English , I can say, being clean, and being cleaned has a little bit different. For example, a clean place is a place that is not dirty while a cleaned place covers an idea that the place is being cleaned by people. Maybe it is not clear yet

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