Who am I ?

My name is Vong Serey Vatanak from Phnom Penh City. I grew up in a very low income family and I had never thought that I could continue my education. 

From 4-10 years old, I had to learn how to make money to help my parents. The possible work I could get was cleaning shoes for people, and selling newspaper on the streets. I could make about 1 USD each day. 

It was not until I was a teenager when I stopped doing the shoes cleaning service, and newspaper selling on the street. However, life did not start to be better yet. I began to involve with some gangs. Even though I did not involve much in the much, you could tell a big scar on of my wrist. I remember one of the fights , I almost got stabbed to death by some gang. I managed to survive. 

2003, when I came to New Life Foundation where I could receive free English programs, and met good people. They are Christians. They helped me grow in my personal life, and guided me out of my terrible life  habit. Life was not fully transformed until I decided to accept Jesus into my life. Even though I knew that I would be rejected by my community , my family and friends, I still chose this faith because I could see the changes in me. I then began to experience being love. Through this amazing Love, I started to love people. I couldn't fully understand , but I knew that I did not have to, and I just had to accept that I am loved. 

The first request I asked Jesus to bless my life with was the gift of learning English language. Though I had not understood much about praying, people just told me that whatever I needed , I could just ask Him, and he will give it to me. I asked that I wanted to learn English well. I wanted to be able to communicate with foreign friends. I wanted to be able to make a living through the education that I have. 

Finally, the faith , the love, and passion to learn more help me every day till now. 

October, 10, 2018



I have written down what I have done, and what I have achieved in life