Mrs. Soy Sak, 59 , and her husband, 60,  are staying in a small hut built by a farm owner. They are hired to be care-givers on this farm. Every day, her husband has to do some cutting the grass, water the crops, and look after all the fruit trees for a farmer in Cheung Prey, 45 miles (60 kilometers) northeast of Phnom Penh. Unlike her husband, Mrs. Sak is not able to do much because she is disabled due to an injury to her left hip .

I had the chance recently to sit down with her and ask what happened to her hip. With her voice full of emotion, she described a terrible event which occured about 30 years ago. One evening, as she was carrying her 5 month old niece down to the village creek to give her a bath, she heard gun-shots very closeby. She remembers falling to the ground but her only thought at the time was the safety of her 5 month old niece. With tears her voice broke as she expressed her gratitude that her niece was not harmed. However, she herself was hit with a bullet which went through her left hip. She was was assisted by some villagers to get back home and to the doctor who diagnosed her with a broken hip. 

Some years later, Mrs. Sok said that a non-profit funded hospital was willing to help her fix the broken hip bone so that she could walk properly again. She said that because she couldn't even afford the cost of daily meals while staying in the hospital, she had to leave without being properly treated. Now, she uses a walking stick to aid her in getting around. Her left hip looks pretty soft and it seems that the hip bones have not been fixed yet. 


I asked if she would like to go back to the hospital to receive proper treatment for her hip-injury. She said that she is so poor that she can't even afford to buy the food she would need if she has to stay one or two weeks in the hospital. 

I believe that once we join together, contributing what we each of us can, we can help her to be able to walk properly again, and she can start doing more to help her family. 

What she needs right now

500 USD to cover her expenses during her bone operation. Let's pray that she can return to her normal state of life so that she is able to help support her family more than she can now.

Thank you; 


FOR DONATION TO THIS LADY, PLEASE CONTACT AT : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / (+855)92953672. 


We will make sure that all the fund will go to support her.