Sunday 6th, January 2019

By : Vong Serey Vatanak

The happier people I have noticed are the ones who know they are loved , and for those who try to be loved , to be accepted by people tend to be disappointed in life . 

The same thing in kids , some studies show that the happier kids are the ones who know that their parents love them, and that they are cared. 

Some kids live their life when they don't have that many friendship. They seek love , and acceptance, and most of the time they fail and feel disappointed. 

I've personally learned that seeking conditional love and social, cultural, and conditional acceptance from men can end up being disappointed, and depressed in life . 

You can't give what you don't have . People with love will love , and those feeling lost about love might find it difficult to love . 

There is unconditional love and open arms from Jesus who never fails you and never reject you . 

To the ones who feel exhausted trying to be loved and accepted, and whether you know it or not , you are loved, and cared .