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My name is Vatanak. I have created this website because I believe that Leaders are Readers. 

My motto: The motto of this page

Whether we want to grow personally, academically , or professionally, we probably have to read. I did not like to read much before , and even now I don't read that much if it is not interesting. However, when I started to develop my reading habit , I began to see myself more capable of achieving more in life. There might be different areas in the reading. For example, you might like to read people's Facebook's posts, short news, novels, books, or even about sports. Do you believe that people can develop themselves when they read? Let me tell you my some of my experience in reading. 

It broadens what I know. I teach English , leadership, and sometimes I teach people who don't like to listen to me. I don't care whether they like to hear or don't like to hear as long as I know that they should know what they should know, I will teach them. Normally, I don't teach what I don't know. The knowledge that we gain enable us to talk , to share, and to teach people confidently. Do you agree? well, you don't have to. 

  • I was awarded to be the third Young Teacher of English Championship , a national English public speaking competition in 2015. 

  • I was a debating team leader, and could help my team to be the second place at a national debating championship in 2016. 

  • I was competitively selected in Young South East Asian Leaders Initiatives Professional Fellowship Program, an exchanging program, in 2017 and awarded six week trip to the United States of America. 

I contributed my academic success to a few factors one of which is reading. I never be ashamed to say that I trust Jesus who always gives me wisdom and guides me in everything I do. I READ ! I don't have to read everything, but at least I read something, know something, and learn something. 

Therefore, I have tried to collect interesting articles , breaking news articles, and many other helping articles in Khmer and English to help the young people including myself who want to grow in academic , in personal, or in profession to build a habit of reading. 


I try to collect interesting world's news to put them here. I will translate them in Khmer version and use Web-tools to place the Khmer version , and Vocabularies to learn blocks for the students to learn. 

If you are interested in writing / re-writing short news online, please submit your article to "Question" module, where you can write your email, and in the message box, you can just paste your article's content. I should receive it immediately , and look at it before publishing it this website. 


I wanted to write any articles related to leadership development and publish them here. You can also join me. If you think any articles that can help the young people learn to develop their leadership skills, don't hesitate to send me.  



Here is where students will be able to see some opportunities such as scholarship, training courses, exchange programs oversee, or even job announcements. I might try to see if it would be a good idea that they can drop their C.V here. Maybe , in the future, I might be able to use this platform to connect employers and employees. 


My apology in advance

I am aware that my English is not perfect. You will see mistakes in sentence structures, typos, wrong-words, or something. Hey, everyone makes mistakes alright. That is why I used "comment" plug-in from Facebook which readers can make some comments including constructive feedback. 


I have to be honest that I still struggle find the web-tools I need, and understand all the web tools that I am using.  I can't wait to continue my work to make people read, write,  share, and change. 


Regarding the copyright of the original articles, I am aware of it. Once this website is commercialized, everything will come to the surface. Right now, what I can do is to give credits to the ones who produce their articles, and cite the source where an article is retrieved. 

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,  Phone.  092953672, 070269605

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